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We are an interior decoration/home staging company located in Houston, TX. We want to bring out that creative side in you, and we will give you the tools to create functional and harmonious spaces while having fun doing it.

We work with the budget of each client; we adapt to you! At SM, we give you the tools to make your home your canvas!


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My name is Andreina, and I'm the founder of SM Décor Design. I grew up in Venezuela and in 2021, I  moved to the United States to do my graduate program.


I have always thought that graduate studies teach you to specialize in your area of research and guide you to understand that you can do everything you set out to do; they help broaden your mind, generate creativity, and believe in yourself. Do you know the saying, "if you can dream it, you can achieve it"?


If I’ve learned anything, it's that your career isn't the only thing that defines you. Although you can be very successful in your career, you can also be an entrepreneur, creator, and endless facets!

Over the last two years, I have achieved most of the goals that I always wanted to accomplish after finishing my studies. I started to experience different facets of myself that I have always wanted to explore, and each of them makes me extremely happy! Therefore, I decided to follow another one of my dreams, and I decided to study (a little more), and I got certified in Interior Decoration & Home Staging.

I have learned so much and received so much support from all my family, friends, and clients that I must express how happy I am to help you to comfort your home and spaces with my interior design/staging tips and tricks.

Interior decoration and home staging have always been my hobby. Since I was a child, I have loved performing and learning about decorating.


I love to tap into that creative part of me; it makes me extremely happy, and I love to share the feeling with all of you!  I confess that in the beginning, I started my blog/Instagram as a "guilty pleasure" that I used to do to entertain myself in my free time.

Thank you for believing in me, in my project, and supporting me in my start-up business (which started as a hobby) that is now developing as a business and teaching platform, with many good vibes from all of you!

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You probably have thought that having a beautiful and comfortable room in your house can be highly expensive. But the truth is that Interior styling is a discipline that helps us achieve these little touches that we need in our home quickly, economically, and effectively!

Are you decorating or redecorating your home and don't know where to start? Are you unsure of your decor style? Don't you know how to match furniture/decor and generate a cohesive room?


Don't worry; in SM Decor Design, we are here to help!

Please leave it to us! In addition to helping you, we will teach you how to decorate to accomplish a beautiful home as you always have dreamed of!


Thank you for your message!


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